When you’re training from Dusk til Dawn and burning 5,000+ calories a day, food becomes nothing more than a fuel source. The goal is to fuel for your training and fuel for your recovery between. The main goal for days like these is high protein and high carb meals, as well as hydration and electrolyte replenishment. Master Coach Hunter McIntyre takes us through a day of fueling his body for multiple HIIT and LISS workouts.

Meal 1: 3 Greek Yogurts, 2 Bananas, 24oz electrolyte water, cold brew
Meal 2: Protein bar, Electrolyte + BCAA + Blood-flow complex water
Meal 3: Mass gainer smoothie
Meal 4: 8oz chicken, 2 cups of rice with sea salt and honey
Meal 5: 5 eggs, 4oz chicken, 2 cups rice, 2pcs whole grain bread with veggie-mite, 32oz electrolyte and BCAA packed water
Meal 6: Half mass gainer + banana smoothie
Meal 7: 32oz gatorade, Hawaiian fried rice and chicken teriyaki, free-range chicken legs

267g Protein
704g Carbs