Can you get this done? 💪


Warmup: 10/12 minutes of steady state cardio!

Standing Single Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curl:
👉🏼 4x10 - each arm!
Standing Dumbbell Over Head Extension:
👉🏼 4x10 - heavy!
Cable Reverse Curl:
👉🏼 4x15!
Tricep Cable Underhand Pulldown:
👉🏼 4x15!
Straight Bar Curl:
👉🏼 4x12/15!
Unilateral Cable Kickbacks:
👉🏼 4x25!
Standing Single Arm Cable Crucifix Curl:
👉🏼 4x10 - each arm!
Seated Bench Dips:
👉🏼 2x50!

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