The lats are one of the most commonly tight muscles in fitness athletes. Stiffness here will impact your overhead mobility so Master Coach Zach Long has four exercises you can do to help improve your lat flexibility.

1. Foam Rolling the lats is a great way to get them slightly relaxed so that we can get deeper into improving our mobility with the other muscles. Work 30-60 seconds of foam rolling to warm up.

2. The Bench Stretch variation will really work your lats. Grab a PVC pipe with a wide grip and keep your back rounded as you drop into the stretch. This combination keeps the stretch emphasis on the lats.
The next two exercises focus on the eccentric portion of the lift which is fantastic for both improving flexibility and strength.

3. For Lat Eccentrics hold a weighted PVC pipe with palms towards your face and your hips bent to 90 degrees. Slowly lower the weight overhead. Perform 3x12 with a 3-second lower.

4. Chin Up Eccentrics are another great movement. Perform 3x5-8 with a 5-second lower

Stay tuned for more tips and techniques from our team to help you #buildyourbody!

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