David felt trapped in his body and was determined to prove he was still a hardcore athlete. He lost over 120 pounds, going from a 5XL to a small.
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David, a former high school wrestler, had to give it all up after an injury ended his athletic career and resulted in him gaining a lot of weight. At his largest, he tipped the scales at 272 pounds while building his career as a rabbi and educator.

Feeling like a powerful athlete trapped in a heavy, obese body, David finally reached a point where enough was enough. In just 6 months, he lost over 120 pounds and went from a 5XL to a small. Trading his Crocs for running shoes, David now runs half marathons and puts his newfound athleticism to work as a mover.

Regrets? David has none. His journey brought him to where he is today, and he is more fit now than ever before.

Here is David's story.

My childhood was, I would say, somewhat normal. I started off with soccer as a little kid, and we come from kind of a wrestling family, so I always knew I was going into wrestling.

By junior high I was wrestling more seriously and at that age weighed about 100 pounds. So I was a little guy on the team, but I actually made varsity as a freshman. I really wanted to be a top wrestler. That was my goal, to go to college on a D-1 scholarship. But, again, I was just a little guy.

Between sophomore and junior year, I worked at Papa John's pizza, and they would give me a large pie to come home with. This made it easy to gain weight. So, cut to junior year, I started off at 165 and I really was all muscle. I was the strongest in my school. I was bench pressing around 350 pounds, and I was really, really strong.

| David's 5 Tips For Losing Weight |
1. Get Your Calories to Normal

Everybody can get from 5,000 or more calories down to 2,000. You can do that—there's no question. And when I did, I didn't have to wait three months for the results to start. It wasn't a starvation plan, it was an "eat normal" plan. Eliminate dumb mistakes like two-liter bottles of cola, and you will find 2,000 calories easily.

2. Don't Be Sedentary

I don't consider myself an athlete. But what I do consider myself is "not sedentary." Every day I wake up and I make sure I'm not sedentary. If that means go to the gym at 6 a.m., go to the gym. If that means walking 20 minutes briskly, walk. If that means run a half marathon, run. No matter where you're at physically, don't be sedentary today.

3. Never Skip Cardio

Riding the recumbent bike isn't exciting. It's not as fun as lifting. But I just knew from my wrestling days you can never skip cardio. I knew I had to get on that bike for 20 minutes no matter what, then I could go in the weight room. It was rough. It was just a grind. But it's necessary.

4. Plan on Having to Adapt to Any Situation

Your fitness dream will have to face reality sooner or later. For example, I'd started my training program… and then it got delayed because of Covid-19. The gym was closed, the bike was gone, and I realized I was addicted to machines more than I wanted to admit.

What could I do? I had to invent my own "corona workout." It was time to get out there and hit the road. Here's an example: Do hill sprints, five of them every week. Then increase it by one a week, until you do 10. The rule is you're not allowed to end for the day unless your shirt is soaking with sweat.

5. Align with Who You Are Inside

I was a little guy who wanted to be a big, strong guy. Then, once I was strong and muscular, I didn't appreciate it. I was an idiot! I mean, I literally had everything, but my head wasn't there so eventually I became overweight.

I had to find a way to get back to that guy. It took blood, sweat, and tears to succeed, but I found out who I really am. I am athletic—it is a gift that I have. Even though I appreciated my studies, I am now much more aligned to who I always was. And now I'm much more comfortable in my own skin.

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