Finding a harmonious balance between training intensity and volume is the key to making continuous progress while minimizing risk of overtraining and injury.

Periodization in powerlifting training is often under appreciated at best, or completely butchered at worst.

On one hand, we can find lifters running the same monotonous scheme of reps and sets for months on end with no concept of progressive overload wondering why they aren't making any progress.

On the other hand, we have lifters who redline every single workout, maxing out at RPE 20 for each and every set, also wondering why they've hit a plateau in their performance.

The ideal combination of volume and intensity must shift over the course of a training macrocycle to mitigate fatigue and maximize gains. Finding that balance between how much work you're doing with total reps, sets, and load (volume) how heavy you're lifting (intensity) is crucial to ensure that you make progress, avoid injury, and are as prepared as possible for meet day.

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