Is it okay to follow a bro split workout routine? Mark Bell explains his thoughts on the Bro Split and the importance of finding a training split you love.
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| Bro Split |
A type of weightlifting routine performed by uninformed bros. It consists of separate days for separate body parts. The focus is typically on biceps and chest because those are the only muscles that matter to bros. A typical bro split might consist of Monday (Back/Biceps), Tuesday (Chest/Triceps), Thursday (Shoulders), Friday (Legs (often skipped by bros)). The bros often just do a machine circuit not really having any clue as to what or how they are training. Good form is often hard to find.

00:00 - Intro
00:10 - Bro Split Style of Training
01:15 - Importance of Consistency
02:20 - Love The Process of Training
03:45 - Don't Do That Much
04:22 - Try Something New and Different
05:10 - Train One Body Part
06:20 - This Is About "YOU"
07:30 - Bonus Tip
08:15 - Small Incremental Progress

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