RSP Nutrition teams up with certified personal trainer and celebrity yoga instructor, Claire Fountain, to take you through a full body at-home work out.
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Resistance bands are recommended, weights are optional!

Claire Fountain is a certified personal trainer, celebrity yoga instructor and Under Armor athlete whose work focuses on the mind and body connection for a holistic approach to healing and wellness. Claire is also a therapist under a supervisor dedicated to mental health. Claire began teaching yoga in 2009, and was certified in personal training in 2013. With clients ranging from the top NBA, NFL, and MLB athletes to the likes of brands such as Amazon and Target; Claire’s unorthodox and realistic approach to yoga and mental health is grounded in education and experience. Her work focuses on the intersection of well-being, mind-body healing, self-worth and the stories we tell ourselves. Claire’s work ranges from private clients, a dozen e-books and articles to international classes and speaking engagements.


3 workouts (3 sets of 3 exercises)


1 - Walk Outs with optional push up (10 - 20 reps)
2- Glute Bridges w/ or w/out band (20 or more reps, can add a pause if you’d like)
3- Fire Hydrants (20 or more reps, optional pause)

(B) Set 1 - Squat Focus - REPEAT 3 TIMES

1- Squats (reps vary, minimum 20)
2- Glute Bridges, Single Leg focus
3- Plank Up/Downs (10 on each side)

(C) Set 2 - Hinge / Deadlift Focus - REPEAT 3 TIMES

1- Banded Hinge (reps vary, minimum 20)
2- Lunges (back lunges or walking lunges) (reps vary, minimum 15 each side)
3- Plank with Knees In OR Downdog with Knee In (10 each side)

3-Way Leg Stretch + Shoulder stretch: 5-10 breathes per stretch

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