Personal Trainer Tamara Anthony has the perfect full-body dumbbell workout for you. Get ready to sweat together with this workout that can done at home or in the gym.

| Tamara Anthony's 20-Minute Full-Body Dumbbell Workout |
There will be 5 rounds of this workout, with the last round being an AB BLASTER! Each exercise will be performed for 45 seconds and after you will have a 15 second rest where I will demonstrate the next exercise for you.

Plank to Row: 45 sec
Around the World: 45 sec
Squat to Press: 45 sec
Tricep Extension: 45 sec

Alt. Shoulder Press: 45 sec
Hammer Curl to Bicep Curl: 45 sec
Pulsing Squat: 45 sec
Back Flyes: 45 sec

Front to Lateral Raise: 45 sec
Chest Flys: 45 sec
Side Lunges: 45 sec
Hip Thrusts: 45 sec

Bicep Curl to Press: 45 sec
Reverse Lunges: 45 sec
Chest Press: 45 sec
Overhead Extension: 45 sec

Russian Twists: 45 sec
Sit-Ups: 45 sec
Plank Pull Through: 45 sec
Penguins: 45 sec

Tamara Anthony is a NASM personal trainer and recent college graduate with a degree in Kinesiology. The human body and fitness have always been huge passions of Tamara’s and her goal is to make everyone look and feel their best. Over the past year she has begun personal training and has also created 2 workout guides for those looking for a workout schedule to follow along to.

00:00 - Intro
01:20 - Amino Lean by RSP Nutrition
02:08 - Round 1
05:54 - Round 2
09:53 - Round 3
14:05 - Round 4
17:55 - Round 5


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