In this video, Cameron Yuen takes us through a mobility program that can be used as a warmup or as a separate routine.
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Cameron Yuen is a physical therapist and strength and conditioning coach at Bespoke Treatments in New York City. Cameron’s approach reflects his view that injury rehabilitation and performance training lie on a continuum, and are governed by shared principles. He believes that the role of the therapist and trainer is to identify where the client is on this continuum, then guide them towards their goals through individualized programming and coaching.

These exercises are called mobilizations with movement, and require a loop band and an anchor point. If you're at the gym, Cameron recommends using a squat rack for easy adjustment. At home, it is best to use something sturdy, like a bed frame.

Exercise 1: Ankle Dorsiflexion Mobilization
Exercise 2: Hip Extension Mobilization
Exercise 3: Thoracic Extension Mobilization
Exercise 4: Shoulder External and Internal Rotation Mobilization
Exercise 5: Shoulder Extension Mobilization
Exercise 6: Shoulder Flexion Mobilization

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