We’re all chasing goals and if you’re human, your hips are more than likely involved.

Bodybuilding.com Coach, Dr. Andy Chen, breaks down how to assess your hip internal rotation from home, learn where you need to improve, and walks through three movements to add to your accessories. Add in the magic word *consistency* and these WILL improve your deadlift and squat 💪

Movement Breakdown:

Single Leg Bridge + Reach
3x12 reps
Driving from the heels without extending from the lower back. The hamstrings will pull your pelvis into a posterior tilt and the reach will help you engage your abdominals which will help create space in your hips

Diagonal Side Bridge + Rotation
3x5 rotations reaching further each time
Lead with your hips then reach with your arms to move your pelvis over your femur(thigh) which promotes hip internal rotation.

Front Foot Elevated Split Squat + Reach
Pull the front hip back while reaching the opposite arm forward. The key here is to come up and down like an elevator which forces you to stretch into the posterior hip capsule of the front leg.

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